Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random Boy Updates!

Ryan and I have found ourselves laughing on a daily basis at our 4 year old!! He is always telling the most hilarious stories or making a funny comment. His prayers are always my favorite. The reason I love them is because he truly talks to God like I would talk to someone on the phone. Oh the things we can learn from our children. Tonight he said, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for the kids that I get to play with even though sometimes I don't know their names. Thank you for Sid even though sometimes he doesn't like me, and sometimes I have dreams about him. Amen" It cracked me up, it was just exactly what was on his heart and he told Jesus about it. It makes me so aware that I too can talk to God just as easily. Another thing that has been cracking me up is his infatuation with his new curtains. He use to have grey curtains that he called his elephant curtains, this was over a year ago. He just the other night said, "Thank you God for my new curtains, because they aren't scary and they don't have guys on them." All I have to say is "Thank-you God for 4 year olds that make us laugh!" Jude man is going through a "phase." He is our little baby which is probably why this phase is happening. He loves mommy and daddy and really only cares to be around us. At times, we are followed around by a crying Jude! He has a very particular personality. He will only eat things a certain way. For instance, if we give him a part of a banana he won't eat it. He wants the whole banana with the peel on. If we take the peel off, he won't eat it. This can be a very frustrating experience. Jude also makes us laugh a lot. He will just glare at us sometimes for no reason. He will avoid eye contact like he is shy when we look at him in his car seat! I just love his little faces and wish I could paint a picture for you. He is such a sweet boy and truly has a sweet spirit. He will give me kisses for a half hour at a time. I love the kisses more than one can know!!!!

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